Sean Steward

Fine Art Painter

My name is Sean Steward and I am a local artist residing in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago. I was classically trained in the disciplines of painting, printmaking, and drawing at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD..

My entire body of work, which varies in size and construction, is made out of recycled materials. Most materials are found, donated, or the product of mistakes made by retailers (such as miscut or recycled frames, mis-tinted paints, and the free bins at yard sales). This allows me to save recyclable materials that were destined for the landfill while producing a high quality product.

Custom work options are available. Certain options can be ordered on Etsy, and for any other options, please contact me with the desired size, materials, and shipping location, then I will get back to you with a price. Any color combinations are available at your local hardware store, so you can customize to complement any room in your home or business.

If you have any questions regarding my process, pricing of artwork, commissions, or donations please feel free contact me.

Artist's Statement

When I was a child I liked copying the pictures out of my favorite comic books, trying to get the villain's claws just right, or the hero's fingers in his fist to bunch up exactly as they were in the picture. It wasn't until later in life that I realized the true possibilities of art. I stopped worrying about getting things just right or exactly as they were. I learned to let it go. No expectations, no aspirations, just getting lost in the process of painting. In doing so I feel a release from the pressures of the world. It is in the finished product that I can see inside myself. My loves, my hopes, my fears, my dreams.

The process of painting is a joyous occasion where anything is possible. In choosing those possibilities, we allow a window into our lives to be opened. A painter should be clear in mind, not distracted by the direction of the painting, but allowing themselves to be open to the possibilities that the painting is creating. What I am trying to create is mostly unknown to me in the initial stages of the painting except for a loose idea and some found objects. This allows the painting to change as I change throughout the painting's creation. The product becomes more than an idea; it becomes a snapshot of my life.

I describe my work as a mixed media representation of my life, thoughts, and emotions as they relate to me and my environment. I strive to create a painting that is not only a product of my individuality, but one that gives the viewer a personal connection to the work. My hope is that they may bring their own individuality and perspective to the piece. The process by which this is accomplished is sometimes time-consuming and involves many different stages in the painting construction. As for the emotional content of my paintings, it is hard to tie a specific emotion to a specific painting because I feel a variety of emotions while I am painting. I can honestly say that the painting created represents a certain period of my life, neither good nor bad, but a part of my experience.

Take what you will from my art; I only hope that you get half the enjoyment from looking at them as I did creating these pieces.

Sean Steward