These painting have been purchased or are in private collections.
Evil Bird Lava Painting in Progress 16 Patty Cake Silhouette Of A Volcano Stone System 1 Smoking Buda CS-5-15 Copper Space PerfectT Gray Matter The Dog The Duck Mollusk The Runner Metal Spring's Child Fall of the Red King Dangers in Technology A Dark Tower Not the Dark Tower Baby Mac Cheshire Smoke It's All About the Ribs Landscape 2015 PGP Sand Storm SeaScape 2015 Untitled Color Study #32 Color Study #313 Color Study + Color Study Sherbert Dark Galaxy Drip Painting on Wood Eco Friendly Retro Rider at Dawn Self Portrait #2 Smoke Solar Radiation Spector in the Mist The Blue River of the Red Mountains Unknown Violet Shadows Blurred City Box Class Color Study 2707 Dancing Woman Dawn DW2 Faces JD Ominous Space Spilled Water Flow SSteward2 Study C Wikked Xibalba Yellow Dragon